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It’s So GREAT to Be Back!  

Stylists leave salons for many reasons. It might be due to a lack of stability, a lack of opportunity for upward mobility or, sadly, a toxic work environment. But sometimes when a stylist leaves, it has nothing to do with the salon.  

We all know life happens… child care providers change, spouses are transferred, family members get sick. Personal circumstances impact our professional lives. But saying goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, more than 25% of all new hires are “boomerang” employees—people who leave and come back. 

That’s what happened with Erika, a salon manager at an independently owned Great Clips® salon in Mississippi. We sat down with Erika to talk about her career journey with Great Clips salons, including why she left, why she came back, and why she’s here to stay. 

[Interviewer:] When did you first start working in a Great Clips salon? 

[ERIKA:] It was in Nashville, back in 2014. It was my first Great Clips salon job. At that point in my career, I had a lot of experience—both full-service and booth rental. I wasn’t sure what to expect at Great Clips, but a few things stood out:

  1. The stylists moved fast. The Great Clips® Cutting and Clipper Systems were so efficient. They really helped stylists deliver quality haircuts quickly.
  2. The chairs were full. The salon had 11 chairs and all of them were full on weekends.
  3. The customer was #1. Everything was about delivering great customer service. I could see that right away.

How long did you stay at the Nashville salon?

I was there for about two years, and I loved it! But then my mother had a heart attack, so I needed to move back home to help take care of her. I stayed with her for about 18 months. She’s okay now.  

How did you decide to reconnect with Great Clips?

I saw an ad and thought it would be a great opportunity because I knew the brand so well. I knew what the Great Clips brand stood for, and I also felt confident that I could be a great asset to the franchisee, who was just getting started in the area. Now he has seven salons, and I’ve worked at most of them! 

What was the interview process like the second time around?

Actually, we laughed a lot! I made sure he knew that I would be a very valuable member of his team. It’s true: I was very experienced. I believed in the Great Clips brand strategy, the customer service process, and the technical foundation—I knew I could really help him out. 

Now you’re a salon manager at your Great Clips salon. What’s next?

I would love to be a regional manager! Education and training are such an important foundation to becoming a great stylist. I want to grow strong teams by encouraging others and helping them be the best they can be. 

Any words of advice to stylists considering—or reconsidering—Great Clips?

Great Clips is the North American leader when it comes to haircutting salons. It’s a great place to build your career and grow. In fact, you can go anywhere!  

I’m more than three hours away from the salon where I first got my start with Great Clips. I may have relocated, but I am still part of the Great Clips family.  

Interested in joining a salon team? Find out if there are job openings near you. 

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