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Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Job for You

The hunt for a dream job can sometimes feel more like a nightmare. Yes, everyone is hiring right now, so there’s no shortage of options. But that’s part of the problem. Out of all the job postings out there, how can you narrow your search and zoom in on the employers and positions that align best with your interests, personality, and goals?

Whether you’re fresh out of cosmetology school or are coming back to the industry after a break, these five tips will help you find your next job in the industry, one that will be personally and professionally fulfilling and put you on the right track to reach your career goals. 

  1. Visit company websites
    Make a list of companies that come to mind when you think about where you might like to work and visit their websites. See if they have advertised jobs and, if they don’t, call them or visit their location to ask about future vacancies or opportunities. 
  2. Check Indeed and Glassdoor
    Platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor provide the opportunity to look at job postings and access company reviews in the same place. This allows you to see what’s available at a particular company, and access feedback on that company from current and former employees.  
  3. Get the most out of Google search
    Type “hair stylist jobs near me” in the Google search bar and you’ll see this blue box with a short list of jobs available in the area where Google thinks you are searching, followed by a link to access more jobs.

    You can refine your search by selecting the type of role you are looking for (e.g., hair stylist, salon manager,
    barber), when the job was posted, level of experience, and more. You can also pinpoint the search area by selecting your preferred radius around a city or town. 
  4. Explore social media
    Check out the social media accounts of companies you are interested in. Focus on the content they post to get a feel for the culture of the salon environment. Does the overall vibe align with you? If so, explore their job postings. If not, keep looking! Social media offers a unique window into the soul of a company. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a sneak peek into a company’s culture!
  5. Tap your network
    If you want a job that fits, don’t forget to ask the people who know you best: your friends! Turn to your friends from cosmetology school, work, and social media and start asking questions. Do they like their salon? What about their employer? How would they describe the salon culture? What are the customers like? What types of schedules/hours are available? How is the pay? If you don’t ask, your friends won’t know you are looking for a job and you might be missing out on a referral that could turn into your next – and best – role yet. 

With a little effort and focus on the right resources, your dream job may be a whole lot closer than you think. Great Clips® salons are looking for talented stylists and barbers like you to join their teams! Click here to find openings near you. 

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