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How to Build GREAT Habits in 2024 

New year, new you! There’s something exciting about starting off fresh in January. It’s a clean slate, giving you the chance to take control and make changes that will improve your life—and your career.  

New practices or resolutions don’t need to be huge. In fact, sometimes the little steps are the ones that create the biggest impact. That’s why we are offering five tips for stylists and barbers to implement this year. They may seem small, but they have the power to yield big results in your professional life. Try them out. Commit to making a few simple work habit improvements and set yourself up for great success in 2024. 

#1 Set reminders 

Salon life is busy. There are the customers, the cleaning duties, the customer service needs, the product recommendations, the phone calls, and the register. On top of that you have salon meetings, trainings, and gatherings. Don’t risk missing – or showing up late to – professional events in 2024. Set calendar reminders on your phone to ensure you are present, demonstrating to your co-workers and leaders that you are a reliable member of the team. 

#2 Show up (early) 

There’s nothing worse than showing up late for work. It makes you stressed, it puts extra pressure on your co-workers, and it can make your first few customers feel uneasy as they sense your tension. To avoid this, aim to arrive at work 10-15 minutes before you are scheduled to begin. Not only will this give you a little buffer for unexpected issues like traffic, but it will allow you to start your day feeling relaxed and ready.  

#3 Treat your tools to TLC 

Have you ever had to cut hair with dull shears? Or tried to trim a customer’s beard with clippers that were clogged with hair? Tools are vital to your work — and they are not cheap! Taking good care of your tools is one way you can boost your professionalism and protect your investment. Set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your tools to keep everything in prime condition. From wiping your shears and brushing out your clippers after each customer, to oiling blades and disinfecting guards, combs, and brushes, keeping your tools clean will make your job easier and it will make your customers more confident. 

#4 Shake it off 

Channel your best Swiftie vibes before work each day and shake off whatever is bothering you before you walk through the salon door. Breathe deeply. Visualize leaving all your stressors and worries in the parking lot. Embrace a spirit of gratitude for your job, and for your co-workers. Smile, then feel the smile wash over your entire body. With just a few simple steps in the morning, you can empower yourself to set a better tone for your day. As a result, everyone will see you shine. 

#5 Claim some “me” time 

Social media can be wonderful, but it can also trigger feelings of isolation, inadequacy, and depression. Excessive phone and social media usage prevents you from doing activities that are good for you such as getting exercise, building connections with people face-to-face, and sleeping. Why not schedule a daily mini break — or fast — from your phone to give your brain and body the freedom to simply “be” in the moment? Once you break the habit, you may notice improved focus, productivity, and happiness. That’s good for you, and it’s good for business.

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