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3 Ways to Combat Burnout and Feel GREAT

We’ll say it: stylist burnout is real. The need to maintain a smile and positive attitude, offer excellent customer service, be a good conversationalist, and manage the influx of people and personalities in the salon is plenty, but you also have to do these things while cutting and styling your customer’s hair – and staying on your feet all day! It’s enough to make even the strongest stylist feel tired and drained at times. So how can you protect yourself from burnout and stay motivated?

Find the source
It starts with identifying the root cause of your stress. Burnout can be caused by a number of factors, including feeling overworked and underappreciated, an unhealthy salon culture, lack of teamwork and trust, or operational issues. What’s your number one trigger? 

Choose the right solution for you 
Once you know the source of your exhaustion, these three quick and simple ideas may help you create a much-needed mindset shift: 

  1. Push the reset button
    When you first launched your career, you didn’t have any customers. Today, there probably aren’t enough hours in the week. Take a minute to reflect on where you came from and where you are today. Think about all the hard work you’ve invested in your career. Celebrate your success! And if you need to temporarily reduce your hours to reset, talk to salon management. You’re worth it! The goal is to help you get back to a place where you can love the great career that you’ve chosen.
  2. Focus on gratitude 
    If you’re having a hard day, your teammates might be, too. What do you appreciate about your co-workers? What do you see in them that’s special? Tell them! Salon teams can be close and supportive, offering much-needed laughter and friendship. If you have an issue with a teammate, try not to make it personal. Ask yourself how you’d like to be approached if the tables were turned. Try to deal with any interpersonal issues with care and kindness.
  3. Be a problem solver
    Maybe evenings have been busier than usual and it’s creating issues with the laundry situation, or an employment gap means your phone is ringing nonstop. Whatever the issue may be, work together with your salon team to brainstorm potential solutions. Stylists who feel great have the ability to make their customers and teammates feel great, too.  Be intentional about creating a shift in your mindset, so you can empower yourself to own your day and be great! 

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