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2024 Great Clips National Design Team 

We are excited to welcome Faith, Donjie, Desiré, and Dee—four new stylist ambassadors for the Great Clips® brand!

Pictured from left to right: Dee, Desiré, Michael, Faith, Ari, Ray, Donjie, Astoria

We are proud to introduce four great additions to the Great Clips® National Design Team (NDT). The NDT represents Great Clips salon stylists in photoshoots and videos, demonstrates and educates at industry events, delivers haircuts for national marketing initiatives and partnerships, and shares their passion for the Great Clips brand as frequent and dynamic content contributors across our Great Clips Careers social media channels.  

Meet our new ambassadors 

  • Faith Fessel: Faith has been a cosmetologist and barber for over 40 years! She has worked as a salon manager and general manager for a Great Clips franchisee in Tennessee for the past six years. Before working for her Great Clips franchisee, Faith traveled the world as a stylist and educator. Along the way she has gained a following through social media channels where her effervescent personality shines through. She is passionate about Great Clips and recruiting for her organization. According to Faith, she seeks to empower young stylists to be financially independent, and reach the forgotten stylists who have had a life path change, to help them rechart their course.
  • Donjie Pestano: Donjie is a Paul Mitchell School alumni and has been licensed since 2008. He has been employeed with a Great Clips franchisee in Utah since 2012 and was recently promoted to general manager. Donjie has a strong background in haircutting and hair styling. He has trained with both Vidal Sasson and Tony & Guy Academies. It was through this advanced training he learned to grow his skills while participating in numerous video shoots, subsequently gaining experience as a product educator and platform artist. Donjie is dedicated to his craft and to the Great Clips brand, and he believes that learning from others is a way toward personal growth. He says that when you surround yourself with very talented people, you have the opportunities of a lifetime. 
  • Desiré Gilbert: Desiré has been with Great Clips since she was fresh out of cosmetology school in 2012. She has been a salon manager for the past seven years and is a recruiter for a local franchisee in Alabama. Desiré enjoys helping others nurture their skills as she also looks for opportunities to fuel her own personal growth. In particular, she has developed strong communication and presentation skills, which are vital to her new role on the NDT representing Great Clips at student events and industry shows. Desiré is excited to share what she’s learned and to help strengthen the passion and skills of students and stylists. She views this new role as one that will help her continue to grow her professional career with Great Clips.
  • Dee Sterling: D'Andra “Dee” Sterling has been a stylist for 17 years in Ontario, Canada, and has been working in a Great Clips salon for the past 10 years. During her time with Great Clips, Dee was promoted to manager and has managed multiple locations for her organization. She’s also been active in her local design team and has represented her organization in school presentations and industry events. Dee will be focused on creating great content for our Great Clips Careers social accounts and the Great Clips Life blog.  

Faith, Donjie, Desiré, and Dee will join Michael Mealey, Astoria Stubbs, Ari Benner, and Ray Silva to round out the National Design Team for 2024. Thank you to our franchisees for their support of the National Design Team!

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