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Education Specialist


Job Location


Candidates must reside in the state of Florida.

The Opportunity

This position is responsible for delivering live, virtual, engaging, and motivating technical, customer service, and salon management training that ensures all franchisees’ salon staff are able to deliver the brand promise with each and every customer.

Your Mission

You will have the opportunity to educate stylists and salon managers on the Great Clips, Inc. Brand delivery, hair cutting and clipper systems, salon management training, and develop salon technical coaches.    You will provide an exceptional experience to stylists, managers, and franchisees through our training programs.    You will work in a virtual environment, providing instructor-led training via a virtual platform, maintain facilitator – producer relationships, and contribute to a collaborative training environment. You will manage the needs of your assigned training center(s) and collaborate with other departments as needed to provide exceptional value to franchisees.   

On your journey, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deliver live, virtual training with high technical quality and strong knowledge of salon operations.
  • Know the Zoom platform and all the functions used to provide engaging and interactive training.
  • Provide virtual training support to franchisees, including but not limited to the blended learning environment, technology best practices, and Great Clips University.
  • In your role as facilitator, deliver training using effective facilitation techniques and establishing a climate consistent with Great Clips Values and Delivering Our Brand.
  • In your role as producer, provide technical support to your facilitation partner, manage the zoom features required in training, and be prepared to facilitate in the event of an emergency.
  • Collaborate with your Education Services Manager to accommodate training calendars that meet the needs of the system.
  • Collaborate with Salon Operations Specialists to plan Manager / Franchisee Meetings and other market events.
  • Listen, earn trust, and accept direct feedback from franchisees while building strong, positive relationships.

Your Expertise

You have a passion for educating stylists on the Great Clips, Inc. brand delivery, and technical systems.  You are likely to be towards the middle of your career and looking for a way to promote your personal passion around educating others on cutting hair, customer service, salon operations, and the employer brand.

To land this job you will need to demonstrate, and/or possess the following:

  • Knowledge and support of the Great Clips technical and operating systems; ability to explain the rationale and foundation for the system.
  • Ability to effectively and consistently deliver training sessions using the facilitator materials related to Great Clips Blended Academy, Blended LEADS, and Blended Coaching Academy training sessions and other workshops as required.
  • Ability to complete training using a virtual platform such as Zoom. Knowledge of all training-related functions within the platform, such as: chat, annotations, breakout rooms, polls, and applications added to enhance the training experience.
  • Proven interpersonal skills to maintain collaborative virtual training partnerships. Ability to adjust training duties as needed to support virtual partnerships.
  • Ability to recognize when a participant can successfully demonstrate the material learned in training and provide the ability to provide feedback when necessary.
  • Ability to establish credibility and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of and skill in using Microsoft 360 application software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Internet functionality.
  • Comfortable adapting to technology changes and demands. Willingness to learn updated and integrated virtual training technology, systems, and platforms.
  • Current cosmetology license with at least 1 year of training/educating experience or salon management experience required.

Your Work Environment

  • Establish a welcoming virtual training environment equipped with high-speed internet and including space large enough to complete any of the training sessions on the training menu.
  • Ability to manage approximately 10% travel and work a flexible, full-time schedule, including limited evenings and weekends, is required.
  • Manage company issued equipment, including care of technology in your possession, maintaining a clean and pressed backdrop, and other items necessary for virtual training that represent the Great Clips brand.

Living the Values

We Are Kind

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be humble, act honorably, and express gratitude. Respect and value everyone’s role in our company’s success.

We Exceed Expectations

  • Innovate; be curious about what’s possible. Be adaptable and eager to respond to challenges. Collaborate and work together to achieve our goals. Strive for greatness and inspire others by your example. Be proactive. Seek continuous improvement.

We Focus on Execution

  • Make decisions with the belief it can be executed in 6,000 salons. Focus on impact of key brand measures. Prioritize on ability to execute quickly.

We Keep it Simple

  • Set clear expectations. Make things easy to understand and execute. Stay focused on what’s most important.

We Listen and Earn Trust

  • Be respectfully honest; react thoughtfully. Respond quickly – 24 hours or less, and remember that personal contact is always best. Be transparent through open communication and candid conversation. Be willing to admit mistakes and fix them. Listen generously: Seek to understand other’s perspectives. Act with integrity. Always. Even when no one will know.

We Make it Fun

  • Smile! Find opportunities to laugh. Celebrate accomplishments and recognize the contributions of others. Approach people and situations with a positive attitude. Build a sense of community where everyone enjoys coming to work every day.

What We Offer

We offer a competitive salary, health benefits, wellness programs, a company-matching 401K and tuition assistance but some perks that set us apart are:

A focus on your development. We want to know what your dreams and aspirations are and hope to find ways of Great Clips helping you along in your journey. Your personalized development plan will create a path for your growth and promotion potential.

A GREAT culture. One of the most frequent compliments you will hear about Great Clips from employees, franchisees and business partners alike is that Great Clips has a GREAT culture. Our belief is that we are strongest together and therefore find it important to have an inclusive, diverse work culture. Though we embrace our differences, we all share in our 6 core values; we are kind, we listen and earn trust, we keep it simple, we focus on execution, we exceed expectations and WE MAKE IT FUN.

A spirit of ideas and innovation. Here at Great Clips, we have a competitive lead within our industry. Though we hold a strong position, we never stop pushing ourselves forward and continue to look for new ways of delivering a powerful and enduring brand.

About Great Clips

With more than 4,400 franchised salons throughout the United States and Canada, Great Clips is the world’s largest haircutting salon brand. Our salon owners and corporate staff are dedicated to our salon communities with a focus on philanthropic and volunteer activities. Great Clips, Inc. employees are passionate about what we do and our technology team geeks out in finding ways to use technology to make what we do even better.

Job Ref #: 1492

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