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Area Manager Kalispell, Montana

Job Location

Kalispell, Montana


Our #1 goal at Great Clips is to get new and repeat customers to return to the salon for their next visit.

Our commitment is to create customer loyalty to Great Clips by connecting with their comfort zone. To accomplish this, you must focus on three areas important to our customers…Comfort, Freedom, Connection. You can consistently deliver our brand promise of Comfort, Freedom and Connection by delivering and role modeling the 5-Step Customer Connection with every customer, every time, in every salon. When you consistently follow the expectations listed in this document, you will deliver great customer service, Great Clips will have the best reputation and strongest brand in the industry, grow the salon and our customers will want to return!

Primary Responsibility

This position is responsible for managing one salon and up to three salon managers according to the Great Clips systems to support the organization’s growth objectives, and ensure the financial success and profitability of the business.

Comfort: Our Goal: Implement, nurture and reinforce a culture of high standards and accountability where the stylist’s #1 job is getting customers to return (especially new customers).


·     Role model and reinforce the “Comfort” expectations as listed in the Manager Job Description.

−     Set and communicate expectations to stylists to deliver the 5-Step Customer Connection with every customer.

Resolve customer complaints promptly and effectively by following salon procedures to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and return to Great Clips.

Freedom: Our Goal: Through proper staffing and scheduling, no customers will wait more than 15 minutes on weekends.


·     Role model and reinforce the “Freedom” expectations as listed in the Manager Job Description.

−     Affirm a leadership role by working peak times, especially weekends.

Plan work and schedule for the customer by using scheduling tools and resources to manage and adjust schedule daily.

Connection: Our Goal: Provide quality haircuts for all customers by consistently delivering the Great Clips system.


·     Role model and reinforce the “Connection” expectations as listed in the Manager Job Description.

−     Ensure every customer receives a quality haircut by completing monthly Quality Connections for all stylists.

Implement the 5-Step Customer Connection Development Program to continually assess and identify coaching, reinforcement and improvement opportunities for all employees.

Salon Growth: Our Goal: Hire employees who can and will deliver the 5-Step Customer Connection; teach and reinforce employee behavior to consistently deliver the 5-Step Customer Connection to build the most profitable salons.


  • Role model and reinforce the “Salon Growth” expectations as listed in the Manager Job Description.
  • Recruit and hire employees who can deliver on our commitment to create customer loyalty to Great Clips.
  • Coach and develop employees to deliver the brand through consistent delivery of the 5-Step Customer Connection.
  • Grow salon business and monitor results.
  • Respond to problems when they occur, such as overages/shorts, missing invoices, etc.
  • Organize and deliver effective salon meetings to encourage teamwork and provide information concerning changes or new programs that may affect the customers.
  • Conduct effective one-on-one coaching and goal setting meetings with salon staff.

Ensure a safe and secure work environment.

  • Organization Growth: Set and communicate high standards of performance expectations for self and managers.
  • Put in extra effort and work to accomplish critical or difficult tasks.
  • Energize managers by clarifying the broader purpose and mission of their work.
  • Convey confidence in managers’ ability to do their best.
  • Foster a sense of energy, ownership and personal commitment to the work.
  • Inspire action without relying solely on authority.
  • Celebrate and reward significant achievements of managers.
  • Promote commitment to the organization’s vision, values and direction.
  • Foster a culture with managers to establish trust and build relationships.
  • Relate to managers and others in an open, friendly and accepting manner regardless of their level or background.
  • Demonstrate an interest in managers and others and their needs.
  • Maintain positive relationships even under difficult or heated circumstances.
  • Express own viewpoints tactfully to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Show consistency between words and actions.
  • Treat managers fairly and consistently.
  • Accept responsibility for one’s own performance and actions.
  • Address ethical considerations inherent in business decisions; confront actions that are or border on the unethical.
  • Ongoing implementation of a leadership development program for the organization.
  • Identify qualifications and attributes required for successful leadership performance.
  • Pursue and attract talented candidates for key leadership roles.
  • Use sound techniques to evaluate people’s capabilities and fit.
  • Provide honest, helpful feedback and coaching to managers on their performance.
  • Help managers identify and prioritize their development objectives and recognize development activities.

Promote and reward employees based on people’s capabilities and performance.

Organization Profitability:

  • Monitor salon performance through brand measures and financial data.
  • Use appropriate metrics and other data to monitor processes.
  • Draw appropriate conclusions from financial reports and analyses (e.g., expenses, volume, profit) to support performance management, revenue and expense decisions.
  • Accurately forecast expenses and revenues.
  • Deliver appropriate messages about past financial performance and future expectations to managers and franchisee based on an accurate interpretation of relevant patterns, trends and deviations.
  • Prioritize and allocate time appropriately.
  • Maintain a consistent, high level of work productivity.
  • Delegate responsibility and convey clear expectations.
  • Monitor progress of managers and redirect efforts when goals change or are not met.
  • Remove obstacles in order to move the work forward and/or get efforts back on track.
  • Hold managers accountable for achieving their goals.
  • Obtain additional resources or support when needed.
  • Effectively plan and facilitate manager meetings to ensure objectives are met.

Willingly adapt to shifting or competing priorities.

How Success is Measured

  • Salon and organization new customer return %
  • Salon and organization repeat customer return %
  • Salon and organization product %
  • Salon and organization Saturday and Sunday floor hours %
  • Salon and organization Saturday and Sunday wait time > 15 min %
  • Salon and organization wait times >15 minutes %
  • Salon and organization customer count

Salon and organization customer count growth %

Area Manager Qualifications

  • Current cosmetology, barber or manager license as required by state/province regulations.
  • Commitment to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and evenings.
  • Dedication to great customer service.
  • Commitment to follow and role model the 5-Step Customer Connection.
  • Ability to cut hair for an extended period and provide quality haircuts in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to relate to a wide range of people.
  • Ability to efficiently and effectively problem-solve and make decisions.
  • Ability to read and understand financial statements, project and analyze salon needs long term.
  • Effective employee leadership skills - recruiting, training, development, motivation and retention.
  • Ability to lead a team committed to company goals and values.
  • Ability to present internally and externally.
  • Ability to read and speak English.
  • Prior salon management experience

Area Manager Physical Requirements

  • Reaching: extending hand(s) and arm(s) primarily at or above the shoulder.
  • Standing: particularly for sustained periods of time.
  • Frequent washing of hands.
  • Be able to lift up to 35 lbs.
  • Hazards may include, but are not limited to, slipping.

Repetitive motions: substantial movements (motions) of the wrist, hands, and/or fingers.

Job Ref #: NAJ23

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