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'Makayla's Dream' fund to provide equipment kits to low-income cosmetology school students

In a Butler, Pennsylvania franchised Great Clips® salon, Makayla, a student, interviewed for a job but didn't get it because she didn't have enough hours of experience cutting hair. But the impression Makayla left on the manager, Amanda, sparked the idea for 'Makayla's Dream'. During the interview, Makayla said she would like to create a fund someday to provide cosmetology school students with equipment kits. "One of her dreams was before she graduates high school, she would like to create a program to help girls." said the manager, Amanda. Local Great Clips® salon owners then ran with the idea to create the fund to honor Makayla and to provide tools to cosmetology students in the greater Pittsburgh area. They hope to have the charity up and running within the next six to 12 months.