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Instructional Designer

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Great Clips, Inc. Jobs
Great Clips, Inc.
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4400 West 78th St. Suite 700
Bloomington, MN 55435



This position is responsible for the design, development, maintenance, and implementation of high quality, creative and cost-effective training, materials, programs, resources, systems, and performance support for the Great Clips system and corporate employees. The Instructional Designer works in close collaboration with members of the Content Development Team, Education Services Staff, and internal resources to ensure content meets the needs of all stakeholders. 

Key Result Areas:

1. Collaborates with team to analyze and recommend learning solutions that achieve desired outcomes while supporting a geographically dispersed staff and system.

2. Designs, develops, implements, and maintains instructionally sound training programs, e-learning, education materials, and related resources that align to broader operational objectives.  

3. Serves as an adult learning consultant to a variety of corporate departments who want to educate audiences on their functional area’s content.

4. Assists with the development of video based training initiatives, photoshoots, and other projects that support the development of learning initiatives.


Core Competencies

1. Lead:  Remains committed to the organization; motivates others to succeed through setting challenging goals; recognizes accomplishments of others.

2. Engage:   Steps forward to address difficult issues; acts as a catalyst for change and stimulates others to change; paves way for needed changes using organizational values as a guide.  

3. Influence:   Conveys personal conviction; works through resistance; addresses concerns of others; persuades others, gaining their support and commitment.

4. Build Relationships:   Develops and maintains constructive, open and honest relationships with others.

5. Teamwork:   Uses and empowering, collaborative approach on appropriate issues; fosters collaboration among teams and team members.


Key Technical Competencies

1. Knowledge of adult learning principles and the ability to apply those principles in a variety of training methods.

2. Ability to effectively and consistently design online and in-person training using the best practices in the e-learning industry and adult learning principles.

3. Ability to use Articulate/Storyline, Captivate, and/or other e-learning authoring tools, a learning management system, as well as other e-learning software and technical resources.  Must be fluent in the Microsoft suite of Office products

4. Knowledge of and ability to use the most appropriate technology solution for the training required.

5. Ability to use written communication skills to effectively develop training materials and scripts.

6. Knowledge and support of the Great Clips technical and operating systems; ability to explain the rationale and foundation for the system.

7. Ability to use a computer and learn computer software quickly. Ability to effectively manage a project from beginning to end with attention to detail, quality, and timeliness.

8. Ability to establish credibility and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.  

Desired Education and Experience:

The qualified candidate must have the ability to analyze business problems to recommend appropriate training solutions. Excellent work-ethic, self-starter, attention to detail and timeliness are crucial. Must have excellent ability to persist through challenging projects and work well with others to develop materials.

A minimum of three years’ experience in e-learning, instructional design, and instructional design project management required. Certification or bachelor’s degree in e-learning, instructional design, graphic design, or adult learning preferred.