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ETL Developer/Data Architect

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Great Clips, Inc.
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4400 West 78th St, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55435


This role has a broad range of responsibilities in the fields of data integration and architecture.

Data Integration (DI):  This role will plan, coordinate, and execute all activities related to the integration of data across various sources into an organized and unified solution. This individual is also responsible for the monitoring of data flow between databases, servers and Cloud services to identify and implement the most suitable DI architecture for the organization’s needs.

Data Architecture:  This individual will design and implement the table structures and relationships within data warehouses, data marts, and data stores, while ensuring high levels of data availability. This individual is also responsible for defining data standards and models for warehouse architectures.

Soft Skills:  Proven communication skills, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of integration best practices are critical to successful performance in this role.


Strategy & Planning
• Coordinate and work with other technical staff to develop database architectures, coding standards, and quality assurance policies and procedures.
• Plan and implement capacity and resource expansion to ensure data warehouse scalability.
• Design and implement redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective availability, protection, and integrity of data assets.
• Plan, execute, and manage the strategic integration of new data and data stores into existing systems and infrastructure throughout the enterprise, including introduction of Cloud services as applicable.
• Ensure that integration efforts meet business requirements and goals, fulfill end-user requirements, and identify and resolve systems issues.
• Ensure that integration planning and practices are aligned with strategic business goals and the company’s overall strategic vision.
• Develop standards and processes to support and facilitate integration projects and initiatives.
• Revise DI architectures when required to be compatible with changing business needs and client standards so that all legal, compliance, and operational requirements, such as data sovereignty, regulatory security and privacy policies, and service level agreements (SLA), are accounted for.
• Maintain high standards of data quality through the introduction and enforcement of information handling processes and organization of the DI processes.

Acquisition & Deployment
• Conduct research and make recommendations on data warehouse products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
• Assist in evaluating and selecting data warehouse components, including hardware, ETL software, data mining tools, and meta data management tools.
• Conduct research on emerging DI products, languages, and standards in support of procurement, development, security, and integration efforts in relation to the Cloud, BI, and big data management.
• Manage the deployment, and maintenance of any DI tools, be they DI as-a-service (DIaaS) or DI on-premise.
• Collaborate with BI analysts, IT, and the business in the testing of newly-incorporated databases and integration measures.
• Lead testing phase of DI development in order to identify and remedy potential problem areas.

Operational Management
• Create models for new data warehouse development and/or changes to existing data stores.
• Design and manage data warehouse improvement and growth projects.
• Identify inefficiencies and gaps in current data warehouses and leverage solutions.
• Identify data discrepancies and data quality issues, and work to ensure data consistency and integrity.
• Diagnose and resolve data warehouse access and performance issues.
• Install and configure relevant components to ensure data warehouse access.
• Execute data warehouse configuration and performance tuning.
• Develop, implement, and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to data systems.
• Mentor and/or provide leadership to junior members of the team.
• Ensure the collection and coherent interpretation of the various business processes affected by integration efforts.
• Work diligently to enhance or improve business processes via integration, or, as necessary, minimize the impact of integration on those processes.
• Where applicable, investigate and qualify potential integration solutions in the Cloud, On-Premise, or in a Hybrid arrangement to better allocate resources.
• Review data quality, addressing any issues through the creation of new processes or adjustment of the DI architecture.
• Measure and manage SLAs of the DI solutions
• Where necessary, provide guidance to junior members of the team.

Position Requirements

Formal Education & Certification
• Four-year college diploma or university degree in computer science or computer engineering, and 5 years equivalent work experience.


• 10 years equivalent work experience

Knowledge & Experience
• 5 years direct experience in enterprise-level DI.
• Proven experience in overseeing the linking of cross-functional databases between disparate business units and systems.
• Experience with business and technical requirements analysis, business process modeling/mapping and methodology development, and data mapping.
• Extensive experience with DI architectures.
• Direct, hands-on experience with automated DI tools.
• Experience with SQL Server
• Experience with Hadoop and associated tools
• Previous exposure to Cloud DI and management.
• Working technical experience with designing, building, installing, configuring and supporting multi-terabyte data warehouses.
• Strong understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles, and practices. 
• Hands-on experience with data architecting, data mining, large-scale data modeling, and business requirements gathering/analysis.
• Experience with data processing flowcharting techniques.
• Strong background in risk management methodologies as they relate to integration and Cloud computing.
• Good project management skills and/or substantial exposure to project-based work structures, project lifecycle models, etc.
• Strong knowledge of system and software quality assurance best practices and methodologies.

Personal Attributes
• Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills.
• Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language.
• Able to conduct research into application integration issues and products.
• Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail.
• Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
• Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
• Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws.
• Strong writing and documentation skills.